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I work with individuals, management teams, groups and businesses, using the skills I learned as a stage actor. I ensure people start looking forward to change. I invite people to try out new behaviours. To meet the world on their own terms and without the distractions of negative thoughts. To really be in touch with themselves and with others.Together with them, I explore how they can face the challenges presented by a changing world.?How they can come to terms with things that they cannot influence and how they can take full responsibility for matters they can.

I try to show people the fun you can have with communication and let them experience this. Once you understand how it works, you can start getting more out of the world.?It is about being effective; and in this I am very pragmatic: if it works, keep doing it, if it doesn't, stop, and try something else. But you have to know exactly what you want, now and in the long term. You have to make your actions transparent and ensure they are connected to your vision and strategy.

My greatest qualities as far as training is concerned are craftsmanship, knowing to serve the needs of participants, flexibility and creativity. Through my experience, where I have worked with heads of international businesses, I speak the language of the participants. I provide a tailor-made solution to each question. I am on good terms with many of the best executive actors/directors in the Netherlands.

Corporate life, Government, Profit and Non-profit sector
Financial Services, Commercial Sector, Industry

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